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Export offers by Ukrainian enterprises

Export offers by Ukrainian enterprises


Yuzhnoye State Design Office named after M.K.Yangel

Yuzhnoye State Design Office is one of the most well-known and recognized scientific and design companies in the world in the field of space technology development. This recognition is based on the exceptional experience in space technology development, gained during almost 60 years of the company’s life and reinforced by the capability to grow in modern economic and political environment, while providing flexible response to the needs of the global space launch market. More information...

Training and Education in Outer Space, Project 

Mission of the Project is to transform expertise/knowledge of CIS former military experts to peaceful activities and create opportunities for the partnerships. More information...

Agriculture and food industry

Production Firm Polymer Co., LTD., leading Ukrainian manufacturer of food PVC films (TM TEKOROL) and/or shrink PVC films (TM DECOTERM), is looking for new customers in the EU countries and African region. Company uses the latest technology in the field of films production on the modern equipment, exploiting its many years of experience to benefit of the Customer. 

Open commercial offer of the enterprise is here.

For more information, please, contact: polymer@teknika-ua.com

SVKZ, LLC, one of the leading Ukrainian spirits producer, looks for foreign trade partners in the CIS countries for export performing of its products.

Open commercial offer of the enterpise is here.

For more information, please, contact: memebers@dcci.org.ua

"Ukrainian food 2015" catalogue published by the Ukrainian Agrarian Council contains information about Ukrainian main exporters of food.

Products offered for export: ketchups, mayonnaise, pastas, spaghetti sauces, tomato pastes and sauces, cooking and condiment sauces, green peas and corns, tomato juices, sunflower oils, canned vegetables, macaroni, squash pastes, mustards, and chopped tomatoes.

Download: commercial offerpresentation.

Agromars, LLC

Complex Agromars LLC was establishes in 1998 and currently is one of the biggest broiler chicken and meat manufacturer in Europe. More information...

Astarta-Kyiv, LLC

The company focuses primarily on the cultivation of sugar beet, grains and oilseeds, the production of sugar and related products (molasses and granulated beet pulp), and milk and meat production. More information...

Myronivsky Hliboproduct, PJSC

The company primarily focuses on rearing chickens as well as producing and selling high-quality chicken products. More information...

Kupyansk Canned-Milk Integrated Plant, PJSC

PJSC "Kupyansk Milk Сanning Factory” comprises the unique complex including three technological shops situated on one production site: shop of canned condensed milk with sugar, shop of whole-milk products with sectors for manufacture of sweet cream butter, ultra high-temperature treated milk and curd products, shop for manufacture of dry milk products. Within 55 years, the Enterprise production capacity for milk processing increased to 600 t of milk per day. More information...

Products offered for export: beer, beer-mix(beer with fruits syrups), soft drinks, low-alcoholic drinks, mineral water, barley malt, snacks, production of glass containers and PET-preforms, PET bottle recycling, production of binding band. Download: letter to potential clientspresentation of Obolon Corporationproducts presentationspecification brewer's grainmalt specification. Videotour at Obolon brewery.

Yarych Confectionery, LTD 

Yarych Confectionery, Ltd mainly specializes in the production of semi-sweet biscuits and crackers.
In order to guarantee the safety and quality of products the company achieved the European system of quality that is based on standards IFS Food. More information...

Technopark "Malinovski"

Malinovski industrial park is one of the biggest food parks in Ukraine and Europe. The total investment in its creation exceeded 200 million USD.


- Distillery «Prime» 

Reference: «PRIME» - the largest, powerful and innovative distillery in Ukraine and Europe. The company employs the best Ukrainian experts. It consist of the best equipment of the world manufacturers, established 7 bottling lines, the total design capacity is 24 million bottles per month. The capacity of each line - 12 thousand bottles per hour.

Artesian water which is used in production has unique characteristics and properties. The production uses only the finest grain alcohol. The only natural ingredients for the preparation of aromatic spirits and infusions are being used.

- Factory complex of deep processing of grain - "Bikorm"

Reference: "Bikorm" carries deep processing of cereals (maize, sorghum, millet, wheat, barley) and produces a variety of organic substances - starch, gluten, bran, protein concentrates, fuel components.

More information...

Napoi Plus, LLC

Products offered for export: low alcohol high-carbonated beverages; low alcohol non-carbonated beverages; non-alcohol high-carbonated energy drinks; low alcohol high-carbonated energy drinks; non-alcohol high-carbonated juice drinks; drinking water high-carbonated, low-carbonated and non-carbonated; ciders usual carbonated sweet; beer special pasteurized; sweets; popcorn.

Download: commercial offerpresentations.

Products offered for export: fine ground barley, pearl barley, yellow polished peas, hulled millet of superior quality, maize groats; grains and oil seeds.

Download commercial offer

Products offered for export: drinking carbonated/noncarbonated water; baby food: baby purees, baby juices, baby cereals, infant milk formula, baby biscuits. Download: commercial offer, presentation (enruua).

Agro-Ros, LLC

Product offered for export: frozen dressed broiler chicken (plucked, eviscerated, without heads, feet, necks, hearts, livers, and stomachs – the so-called “65% chicken”). Download: commercial offer, booklet (enua).

Agropromservice, LLC 

Products offered for export: spices and herbs, snacks, dietary snacks and breakfasts (all packed for consumer tare). Download: commercial offerspresentation.

Products offered for export: crab sticks frozen; crab sticks chilled; preserves of herring; seafood in glass bag in oil; seafood in plastic  bag in oil; capelin caviar in glass bag; fish spreads; frozen fish; dried fish. Download: commercial offercooperation offerpresentation.

Products offered for export: flour, cereals and pasta (packaged / in bulk). The company also offers its partners different forms of cooperation - selling of packed products under company’s own brands, production of packaged products under private labels, selling flour, cereals, rice, pasta made of soft and durum wheat by weight. Download: commercial offer (en)information about the company (en/ru)presentation (ru).

BMB Compound, LLC

The company is one of the leading manufacturers in Ukraine with a wide range of coatings for ice cream, confectionery, bakery and dairy industries, as well as other convenience foods. Download: commercial offerspresentation.

Skvyrskyi Grain Processing Factory, LTD

Products offered for export: corn groats, corn flakes, buckwheat groats, buckwheat flakes, oat groats, oat flakes, corn flour, buckwheat flour. Download: commercial offercertificatesprice listrecommendation letter.


Products offered for export: milk powder. Download: commercial offerspecification for whole milk powder.

Products offered for export: wheat, corn, soy beans, sunflower seeds, barley. Download: commercial offerpresentation.

Products offered for export: Potato Chips ТМ “Snekkin”; Sunflower seeds, kernels, mixed seeds TM "SEMKI"; Wheat-rye crackers with different flavors TM “Snekkin”; Rye toasts with different flavors TM “Snekkin”; Peanuts roasted salted ТМ “Kozatska slava”; Pistachios ТМ "МACHO"; Potato plates with different flavors TM “KartoFan”. Download: commercial offerletter to potential clients.

Products offered for export: emulsifiers and pastes on its bases, defoaming agents, crystallizing agents, improving agents, antioxidants; hard fat, stearic acid fine powder. Download: commercial offerscatalogues.

Products offered for export: Cookies: prolonged cookies, sugar cookies, spritz cookies, diabetic cookies; Glazed cookies; Sandwich-cookies with filling, diabetic sandwich-cookies; Wafers, diabetic wafers; Wafers  in  glaze; Crackers, diabetic crackers. Downloadcommercial offerpresentationFSSC22000 CertificateHalal Certificate

Products offered for export: vitamin and mineral premix, albuminous vitamin and mineral additives.

Downloadcommercial offerpresentationpresentation (short)pricelist.

Articles for children

Ducor, LLC 

The company produces more than 500 sorts of goods, in particular: Children`s soft play equipment (ball pool, constructor etc.); Children’s playgrounds and Sports ground; Outdoor furniture (pavilions, benches, tables, pergolas etc.); Anti-vibration mounts. More information...

The Enterprise was founded in 2003 and it specialies in soft toys «Tigres» manufacturing. The wholesale «Tigres» is the official distributor of soft toys throughout Ukraine. The assortment range is more than 200 items. More information...

Automotive industry


AvtoKrAZ, PJSC is one of the biggest CIS companies engaged in production of KrAZ heavy-duty vehicles: dump trucks, platform trucks, fifth-wheel truck tractors, timber lorries, log trucks, chassis intended for mounting of various installations. Rugged, reliable and high quality KrAZ heavy-duty trucks intended for operation in different climate and road conditions are recognized by a wide range of customers. More information...

Chemical industry

Sioplast, Llc

LLC "Sioplast" is Ukrainian manufacturer of specialized paintwork from 1998. The company’s production constitutes more than 100 types of corrosion resistant, waterproofings and polymer epoxide poured flooring. More information...

Cosmetics and perfumes

Aroma Perfume, Ltd. 

Assortment consists of around 300 references (including perfumes, EDT, EDP, deo, after-shaves and gift-set for men and women). The price range starts from 0,50 USD. All products can be produce by Private Brand name. The products are compliant with the requirements of EU Directive and Regulation and have been notified to the EU Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP). More information...

Information technology

Offered services: development of modern high-tech software. Download: introduction letterpresentation.

Furniture industry

“Furniture factory “NOVA”

The company has more than 100 kinds of products that are producing on modern equipment of Italy and Germany and which are successfully presented at the market of 20 cities of Ukraine and at the foreign markets (more than 10 countries). The enterprise has qualified workers, quality control at all levels of production, management system that meets the requirements of standard ISO 9001:2008.   More information...

Products of TM «CARLO PORTE» includes interior doors, wall panels, sliding systems and some elements of the interior produced by Ukrainian factory. The factory is situated in Kharkiv on the production facilities with the total area of about 15 ths sq.m. It is fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment and has the complete production process cycle: from timber sawing to packing of finished products. The production facilities are certified for conformity with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements. The factory manufactures a wide range of products, sold via dealer networks in Ukraine, USA and to the Middle East. Download: presentation of the companycataloguecommercial offer.

Electronic and electrical engineering

Machine building

Turboatom, OJSC

The enterprise specializes in production of steam turbines for:

  • Thermal Power Plants (TPP);
  • Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and Heat and Power Plants (HPP);
  • Hydro turbines for Hydro Power Plants (HPP) and Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant (PSP);
  • Gas turbines and Combined-Cycle Plant (CCP) for TPP
  • Other power equipment.

Turbine manufacturing is carried out in closed cycle: starting from designing and research work up to manufacturing, assembling, testing and shipping of turbines. More information...


LLC EMSI is the independent legal entity which specializes on modernization, reconstruction, manufacturing and repairing, carrying out of assembly, electroassembly and starting-up and adjustment works of the lifting and transport equipment. More information...

Azovmash, PJSC 

«Azovmash» is the largest in Ukraine and one of the leading enterprises in the CIS and Europe on production of railway cars, metallurgical and mining equipment, refueling systems and hoisting cranes. More information...

Public joint-stock company “Kremenchug plant of road machines “Kredmash” is one of the leading manufacturers of road-building equipment. The history of the plant begins since 1870th. For the last 60 years, the plant has been specializing on the development and production of asphalt-mixing plants, soil-mixing plants, as well as special vehicles – bitumen distributors, road oilers, combined road machines with washing and sand-scattering equipment. Today the Public joint-stock company "KREDMASH" offers modifications of asphalt-mixing plants corresponding to all modern requirements of ecology, exploit reliability and quality.

Download: presentationteaserscommercial offerprice list.


Products offered for export - equipment for mining works: head lamp for miner explosive proof “LUX E”, head lamp with methane sensor “LUX SM”, lighting complex for mining machines “CLMM”, block of the control of methane in the mine “Methane relays”, explosion proof laser rangefinder “LRM”, process control module for digital methane sensor “MPC”, complex of equipment of electro hydraulic remote control of powered roof support “EHRC”. Download: commercial offerpresentationbooklet.

AGRO-VIGS, Research and Production Company, LLC

Products offered for export: aerodynamic separators for grain cleaning and grading TM “TOP”. Download: commercial offers, European CE certificate.

Metallurgical engineering

Dniprodzerzhinsk Steel Casting Works, ME

Products offered for export: steel shot and grit; steel casting. Download: presentationcommercial offerbooklets.


Products offered for export: aluminum and bimetallic radiator heating, aluminum die-castings. Download: commercial offerpresentation.

Kremenchuk Steel Works Stockholding Company

Products offered for export: heavy and medium-size castings (side frames, bolsters, components of automatic coupler SA-3, yoke and so on) for railway cars, products for automobile industry (for example, case for heavy-duty vehicle KrAZ) as well as in manufacturing of different iron and steel castings (also according to customers' drawings). Download commercial offer.

Power industry

Turboatom, OJSC

The enterprise specializes in production of steam turbines for:

  • Thermal Power Plants (TPP);
  • Nuclear Power Plants (NPP) and Heat and Power Plants (HPP);
  • Hydro turbines for Hydro Power Plants (HPP) and Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant (PSP);
  • Gas turbines and Combined-Cycle Plant (CCP) for TPP
  • Other power equipment.

Turbine manufacturing is carried out in closed cycle: starting from designing and research work up to manufacturing, assembling, testing and shipping of turbines. More information...

Poltava Turbomechanical Plant, JSC

Products offered for export: steam turbines with capacity up to 100 MW, spare parts for steam turbines up to 300 MW inclusive, turbocompressors and feed pumps. Download: commercial offer, letter to potential clients.

Ukrelektroaparat, PJSC

Public Joint Stock Company “Ukrelektroaparat” is one of the leading enterprises in transformer industry in Ukraine. It has more than 58 years experience of successful activity at the electrotechnical market. The company has a unique semi-centennial experience of manufacture of power transformers and complete transformer substations. The qualified staff of the enterprise and modern production technologies guarantees high quality, convenience of service and functionality of production. The technology of concrete transformer substations allows the company to realize practically any project of power supply for the customer. Download: products list (extended)commercial offerscatalogprice listcertificate ISOreference list.

PA Avant-Group, LLC

The company in partnership with TM HYBRO is occupied with export of heating systems of Ukrainian production, specifically ceramic infrared/convectional HYBRID heating panels. Ceramic heating panels HYBRID are the new brand-new invention and a breakthrough in the field of electric heating. More information...

Products offered for export: Diesel generators 20-2500 kW (gensets), diesel pumps. Download: commercial proposalpresentation

Ukrzelenbud, LTD

Products offered for export: systems of automatic control of outdoor lighting «lunar-resonant lighting «DymA». Systems of automatic control of outdoor lighting "lunar resonance light" Dima "- an innovative, energy-saving, environmentally friendly technologies, thus preventing light pollution, light saves 90% electricity. Auto-dimming adjusts the lighting depending on the level of illumination of the sky.  Download commercial offer.

Pharmaceutical industry and medical items production


“INDAR" is modern biopharmaceutical manufacturer of high quality products in full compliance with GMP standards. The enterprise is the only in Ukraine and among just a few in the world with full technological cycle of genetically engineered insulin – from API to finished dosage forms. Company’s product portfolio is constantly expanding to cover wide range of therapeutical segments, mainly focusing on manufacturing products for socially dangerous and significant diseases healing, including all types of Diabetes, AIDS, Tuberculosis, Oncology, their complications and related diseases. More information...

Products offered for export: pharmaceutical preparation: Albumin, IVIG, Factor VIII, probiotics, recombinant preparations; preparations from plasma blood fractions - Albumin P9041, IVIG J2791, IGRhD J1566, Factor VIII J7190; probiotics. Download: commercial offerpresentation.

Enterprise for Manufacturing of Medical Products from Polymeric Materials “Hemoplast”, PJSC

Products offered for export: syringes with needles made from plastic materials; catheters, probes, cannulas, drainage systems and similar tools; devices for infusion/transfusion solutions (medical) equipment, devices and tools used in medicine, surgery, dentistry; suction devices and injections; gynecological sets; vessels for urine and stool collection; nonwoven clothes in sterile packaging; serviette from the gynecological set. Download: commercial offer.

Rail industry and car building

Designing Constructing Manufacturing Company MDC, specialized in innovative solutions for rail transport, looks for foreign trade partners, in particular in Germany and Romania, for export performing of its products and services. 

Open commercial offer is here.

For more information, please, contact: members@dcci.org.ua



DNIPROPETROVSK RAILWAY SWITCH PLANT, PJSC (DnSZ) was founded in 1916 and is justly considered as a national leader in developing and production of switch track equipment. The enterprise makes turnouts (ordinary, symmetric, curved, double cross), diamonds of 60E1, 49E1, R50, R65, type of various width gauge and different components for permanent way (derailers, expansion joints, fastenings for curved track sections, etc.). The plant manufactures products from high-manganese (crossings, tongue pieces) and carbon steel casting (components for turnouts, base plates, joints and parts for ore mining and dressing plants milling machines). DNIPROPETROVSK RAILWAY SWITCH PLANT’s products are intended for mainlines, receiving and dispatch tracks, industrial railways, mines, ports, undergrounds and municipal transport (tram lines). Download: casting products catalog: file #1file #2booklet of DnSZvideo presentations

Dniprovagonmash, JSC

The company is one of leading enterprises in the field of designing and manufacturing of the cargo main and industrial wagons reputed the innovator of wagon building and the greatest in the CIS the nomenclature of this production. The company develops and manufactures more than 160 models of wagons, also produces farming machinery, different kinds of metal structures, waste containers, ISO Shipping Containers. More information...

Kryukov Railway Car Building Works, PJSC

Main products: Spare parts for railway rolling stock, freight cars and locomotive-hauled passenger coaches, EMUs, DMUs, metro cars, escalators, containers The company has IRIS certificate. More information...

Azovmash, PJSC 

«Azovmash» is the largest in Ukraine and one of the leading enterprises in the CIS and Europe on production of railway cars, metallurgical and mining equipment, refueling systems and hoisting cranes. More information...

Other industries

Technopark "Malinovski"

Malinovski industrial park is one of the biggest food parks in Ukraine and Europe. The total investment in its creation exceeded 200 million USD.


- Malinovski Glassworks.

Reference: The company is the most modern glasswork in Ukraine with the latest equipment (Horn, Sarmet, Emhart, Teka, SGCC), including NNPB moldable machine.

Included in the Top-5 Ukrainian specialized manufacturers with 7% share of the domestic market.

It produces a wide range of products, such as a bottle for alcoholic beverages and soft drinks, a jar, etc. It is planned to start production of medical packaging and bottles for premium vodka segment.

The total investment in the plant is about 90 million USD. According to expert studies, the minimum warranty period of the furnace without major repairs – till the end of 2018.

- Plant of aluminum closures «KGS».

Reference: «KGS» - the only enterprise in Ukraine with a closed production cycle of the screw cap on the bottle of food aluminum (from offset printing on aluminum sheet to insertion of the dispenser or the gasket into a finished product), design capacity - 60 million units per month.

All production lines are automated and enterprise systems use the latest electronics and software. The slightest deviation from programmed standards leads to stop the equipment.

More information...


Products offered for export: titanium oxide / ТіО2 – IV. Download: commercial offerpresentation

Brand «Petrykivsky Servyz»

Products offered for export: Porcelain tableware, decorated in the style Petrykivka painting (technique of overglaze painting - firing temperature 800 °C).

Download: commertial offerpresentation.

Products offered for export: porcelain stoneware, floor tiles so-called gres (gres porcellanato, ital.)

Download: commercial offerpresentation.

CLEAN PLANET, Ltd. (sanitary hygienic products)

Products offered for export: Wet wipes TM Beauty Fantasy; Cotton disks TM Beauty Fantasy; Toilet paper TM Beauty Fantasy; Toilet soap TM Beauty Fantasy; Liquid soap TM Beauty Fantasy; Paper handkerchiefs with aroma TM Beauty Fantasy; Paper handkerchiefs TM Beauty Fantasy; Table napkins TM Beauty Fantasy; Garbage bags TM Fantee; Paper towels TM Beauty Fantasy; Food foil TM Fantee; Food film TM Fantee; Sleeve for baking TM Fantasy Home; Kitchen sponge TM Fantee. Download: commercial offerletter to potential clients.

SAPO TM (ecological handmade goods)

Products offered for export: hygienic soap; shampoo; solid perfume; candles; salt and bath bombs; shower gel. Download: commercial offerpresentationcatalogue.

VINIL, LLC (wallpapers and similar wallcoverings)

Products offered for export: wallpapers and similar wallcoverings, consisting of paper coated or covered, on the face side, with a grained, embossed, colored, design-printed or otherwise decorated layer of plastics. Download: commercial offerrecommendation letter.

The private company “Inter Plus” (saw blades)

Products offered for export: band saw blades for wood and metal. Download: commercial offeradditional informationcatalogue.

UKRAINIAN ENTERPRISES - EXPORT СATALOGUE (published by the Kyiv Chamber of commerce and industry)

Companies of: agriculture and food industry; chemical industry; cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; machine building, metallurgy and electronics; organic products; packaging; services; wood industry. Download СATALOGUE

Export offers of Ukrainian regions

Kherson region


Mykolaiv region

Export offers of Mykolaiv region enterprises (engineering, shipbuilding, agroindustrial complex, light industry, transport services) – Download.

Ternopil region

Catalogue of competitive industrial production of Ternopil region Download.